In some circumstances, infertility can be due to the male partner having no sperm at all – sperm cannot even be attained through surgical approaches. Couples in this situation might consider donor sperm.

Donor sperm treatment might also be considered by women in same sex relationships, or by single women who wish to have a child.

Mark and Genea can help in these circumstances, when either a donor known to the woman or couple is planned, or when Genea will supply appropriate donor sperm.

A common problem that Mark encounters is when women in their early to mid 40s fail IVF as a result of a severe decline in egg number and function. Some women in this situation will consider egg donation. In most circumstances of egg donor treatment in Australia, the recipient woman sources her egg donor.

Cases of egg or sperm donation involve complex decisions as to whether such pathways are truly right for patients. There are also some legal requirements in NSW, including the need for record keeping and a requirement that egg or sperm donation in NSW is altruistic. Mark will provide experienced and empathetic advice to people in these difficult circumstances.